ICT UNIT: Electronics and Telecommunications

When the Department was first set up, all researchers who were previously working in the Information Technology area of the former Departments of Biophysics and Electronics Engineering (DIBE), System Information and Telematics (DIST) and Naval Architecture and Electrical Engineering (DINAEL) were merged into the Polo di Tecnologie dell’Informazione e della Comunicazione (ICT Unit), namely the ICT Unit of DITEN. These researchers are now working within the Research Units that belong to this Polo. ICT Unit is currently conducting international research work mainly focused on IT systems for the Information Society, Microelectronics, Complex Natural and Artificial Systems, Sign and Image Processing, Telecommunications, Networks, Applied Electromagnetism, Nano-technologies, ICT in biomedical applications, and physics and mathematics.

ICT Unit carries out research activities through co-operation and agreements with the European Commission, public and private bodies, and several Italian and international research agencies. It is particularly engaged in research projects leading to scientific excellence on an international level, while enabling innovation and technology transfer at controlled costs. This approach, already successfully followed by the current Unit members when previously working with the former Departments, is key to lead DITEN to becoming an ever more important player as a highly innovative and productive Institute in Europe for advanced technology promotion. Since its early days, DITEN’s ICT Unit has established and strengthened many important relations with businesses, institutions and research institutes worldwide. ICT Unit hosts some important joint labs and spin-off companies waiting to be accredited as academic spin-offs.  
Unit members are actively working with several other Poli, Centres and Districts of which they have often been the founders. >They are also among the leading promoters of ISICT (Istituto Superiore in Tecnologie dell'Informazione e della Comunicazione).

With regard to teaching, ICT Unit members are in charge of Corsi di Laurea (Bacherlor’s Degree Programmes) in Electronic Engineering and Information Technology and Master’s Degree Programmes in Electronic Engineering and Multimedia Signal Processing and Telecommunication Networks. They are also actively engaged in Dottorati di Ricerca (PhD) programmes linked to Unit’s activities, thus providing a great opportunity to young researchers to contribute to the development of research ideas and projects in a highly creative and stimulating environment. Unit members are also teaching at 1st and 2nd level University Master Programmes under the Department’s responsibility, thus providing another unique opportunity for advanced training and very high specialisation (for the list of PhD and Master programmes run by Polo ICT please refer to the appropriate pages).

The research activities of the Unit are organized in Operational Units, which are groupings of one or more people for carrying out research activities. Within the department, organized modules of resources in terms of space and equipment called laboratories are identified, which can be the place of activity of the various operating units.

Operating Units of the ICT Unit

Last update 13 November 2023