The Department is organized into Poli di Coordinamento (Coordination Units), joining together teams of professors with similar skills and scientific interests. The Coordination Units currently in place and defined by scientific disciplinary areas are the following:

Polo Elettrico (Electrical Unit)
Polo ICT - Tecnologie dell’Informazione e della Comunicazione (ICT Unit) 
Polo Navale (Naval Architecture and Marine Technologies Unit) 

These Coordination Units are in charge of coordinating research activities conducted by their members and supporting them in pursuing Department’s educational and research objectives. In particular, they are responsible for providing the following services: providing the Department with a comprehensive picture of basic methodology on covered topics; providing a reference point and support for proper recognition to professors and researchers of their research and technology transfer activities; propagate information across the Department on the current domestic and international situation and likely prospects for covered research topics.

Discreet Operating Units staffed by one or more people may be set up within the Department to carry out research work. Properly equipped laboratories are made available to them to conduct their activities. The various Department members may set up Cross-disciplinary Teams to carry out research work in some specific research areas. These Research teams are responsible for promoting and developing activities in areas identified to be strategic for the Department.

Last update 10 October 2023