Work safely

With Legislative Decree 81 of 2008 relating to the implementation of Article 1 of Law No. 123 of 3 August 2007 and concerning the improvement of the safety and health of workers in their workplace, the information, education and training of workers has taken on a role of primary importance in the prevention and protection from risks related to both specific work activities and environmental conditions. Within the university, students are, for the purposes of the provisions of the law, equivalent to employees (art. 2 paragraph 1a). The obligations of workers, and therefore also of students, are defined by Article 20, paragraph 2 of the decree.

- For each new entry of structured or non-structured personnel, the RADRL must fill in the risk evaluation form (downloadable at the following link):


and send it to the Technical Coordinator of the department and to the Health Surveillance Serviceof the university (Sorveglianza Sanitaria Particular attention should be paid to students involved in specific activities, e.g. in laboratories, for which training must be provided by the RADRL and the risk evaluation form completed accordingly.

- Upon delivery of any Personal Protective Equipment needed, the RADRL will fill in, sign, ask for employee signature and archive the relevant Delivery Form (downloadable at the following link):  

Modulo consegna DPI.pdf

Useful links on the topic of working safety

The organization of the health and safety in the university of Genova is comprehensively described on the university's web pages at the following links and everyone is required to read and follow the directives as far as applicable. There are also some links to pages of general use.

Last update 29 December 2023