Complex Systems: Nonlinear Models and Circuits (COMPsys)

Research activities:

• analysis and modeling of dynamical system networks (with both deterministic and stochastic models), with particular interest in neuron networks, power grids, and fish networks;
• modeling and compensation (also through programmable circuits) of rate-dependent hysteresis, for piezoelectric actuators and piezoresistive sensors;
• design and implementation in programmable architectures of embedded control systems;
• analysis and modeling of central pattern generators, with particular emphasis on animal locomotion systems, for robotic applications;
• analysis and modeling of power converters;
• constrained (local and global) derivative-free optimization techniques;

Theoretical and practical skills:

• analysis (stability, bifurcations) and simulation of nonlinear (possibly stochastic) dynamical systems (biological and electronic oscillators, networks of oscillators), and related numerical tools;
• parameter identification from experimental data;
• inverse problems;
• design and implementation of analog and digital circuits;
• hardware-in-the-loop simulations;
• programming in C, C++, MATLAB, Python, VHDL;
• optimization algorithms.

Contact person: Prof. Marco Storace

Phone: +39 010 335 2079

Last update 6 November 2023