Smart Embedded Applications (SEA)

The "Smart Embedded Applications" (SEA) Operating Unit features a strong commitment in both research and teaching about the design, development and realization of complex electronic systems. This entails both circuit and software design aspects.

The SEA Unit pursues the following lines of research:

Electronic Circuits: embedded systems hosting application-specific components (e.g., microcontrollers, FPGAs, DSPs, GPU high-perf computing boards). The development of embedded systems includes the analysis of dedicated devices for the support of mechatronics and robotic installations, as well as complex subsystems in automation (industrial, home, and consumer). The Unit's activity covers the development of teaching-support tools for the design, simulation, synthesis and prototyping of digital systems (both static and dynamic networks, finite-state machines, controller-datapath architectures, microprocessor-based systems and FPGAs).

System Implementation: intelligent algorithms for the support of high-performance applications, embedding methods and models of Machine Learning; the research covers algorithms for prediction, clustering and classification, always aimed at big-data processing. This research context also envisions to tackle unstructured data processing for applications in complex domains (text mining, monitoring and profiling tools for security).

Cyber Security: algorithms and electronic systems for digital security, including applications in network and personal protection, as well as electronic systems for cyber security at large. The UO is also active in the dissemination of cyber security culture and high-level tutoring and teaching.

The SEA Unit is very active in technology transfer activities; we accomplish that goal by tight interactions with domain-specific industries through direct research projects, patent developments and participation in  national/international projects. It is also envisioned the possibility to start-up production activities to consolidate technical innovation in industrial products and technologies.


Contact person: Prof. Rodolfo Zunino



Last update 6 November 2023