Risk prevention

Below are the main links to the risk prevention procedures for different types of works carried out in the department:

Safe working procedures,

Radiation protection

Biological risk,

Carcinogenic - mutagenic risk

Chemical risk,

Electrical risk

Risk of artificial optical radiation (ROA),

Bites and animal bites

Exposure to extreme temperatures

One may also refer to applicable rules and guidelines (e.g. for mechanical workshops or electrical laboratories).


The Department Board has appointed the RADRLs for the laboratories operating in the department and applying specific equipment and machinery, including data processing centres and teaching laboratories.

For the various activities of the Coordination Hubs (Poli), the Operational Units and for the teaching activities, the RADRLs (Responsible persons of Teaching and Research Activities in Laboratories) are identified in accordance with the applicable regulations. For example, for didactic activities, the professor during teaching is the RADRL.

Everyone must refer to the RADRL with regard to safety in the workplace and carefully follow his/her provisions after having read the regulations and general provisions of the university (University regulations for workplace safety and health protection).

Updated list of Responsible persons of Teaching and Research Activities in Laboratories:


Last update 28 March 2024