Safety at work


Struttura Organizzativa Sicurezza DITEN


The responsible for the work safety of the activities carried out in the Department is the Director, as he is delegated by the Rector. The Director is assisted in this task by 2 technical representatives, both in relation to their specific skills and in relation to the dual headquarters of the Department (located in Via all'Opera Pia and in the Pavilions of Villa Cambiaso), with the following functions:

• Support to the risk assessment of laboratories and to the implementation of risk prevention and protection actions
• Support to the drafting of the risk assessment plan (DVR)
• Support to the selection and acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Support to the information, education and training of workers
• Support to the analysis and solution of specific problems arising after periodic surveys and checks
• Support in spreading warnings and alerts
• Support in maintenance of the First Aid kits  (monthly verification of the supplied equipment and appropriate reporting in case of  or lacking material for replenishment). This task is directly assigned by the university health and safety service (SPP) to the Prevention and Protection Officers appointed by the Department (APP).

With regard to activities related to logistical/general issues (e.g. signage, fire prevention, safety drills, etc.), the technical representatives act in collaboration with the APPs. The latter may involve the department's technical staff for specific needs (e.g. related to particular plants/equipment). For general issues, the Director and the technical safety representatives are assisted by the Director's delegate for safety and representative of the Responsible persons of Teaching and Research Activities in Laboratories (RADRL), supporting and advising on general issues (common to all laboratories) related to safety. For this activity, the RADRL representative coordinates with all the RADRL of the Department and interacts with the SPP together with the two technical representatives.

DITEN has organized its structure and its activities related to prevention and protection actions in line with the organization of all other activities by adopting a Safety Commission (Comm. Sic.), made up of the Director, possibly replaced by the Deputy Director in case of need, two technical representatives and a delegate of the Director for safety. Also, the APP and/or the RADRL are invited to the meetings of the Comm. Sic. when appropriate and/or necessary. More generally, it is intended to involve all those who participate in the various activities of the department in different roles since everyone must, depending on his/her own capabilities, contribute to prevention, protection and safety in his/her workplace.

The Comm. Sic. therefore has a proactive role allowing to promptly inform and advise by means of a branched structure based on the APPs and the RADRLs first and foremost but also by interacting with the various entities operating in the Department (the Coordination Hubs (Poli), the numerous Operational Units, the CCS, etc.) according to the different needs. On the one hand, the commission is an interface with the outside world and, on the other hand, it has an organisational role towards the inside. It should be noted that the Director's delegate for safety is normally also the representative of RADRLs as well as the coordinator of the department Technical Services Commission (SSTT Commission) in consideration of the particular activities carried out in some laboratories equipped with special equipment, including prototypes, and/or activities in industrial sites and/or on board transportation means.

Last update 5 November 2023