DrEAMS (Laboratory of Drives and Experimental Automation for Marine Systems)

Since 1990 the Laboratory addresses issues related to theoretical and experimental automatic driving, with particular reference to hydraulic and pneumatic drives. The main activities are oriented to applied mechatronics, modeling and simulation of fluid power systems, diagnostics, monitoring and preventive maintenance, testing on of non-conventional fluidic units, analysis of vibro-acoustic phenomena associated with drives and vacuum technology.
The laboratory has a wide range of components allowing the creation of prototypes of drives of various nature, by interfacing to centralized or distributed control units. Multi-purpose test benches for the experimental characterization of linear actuation and / or rotating systems are available.
The activity of the DrEAMS laboratory is oriented to drive systems and automation characterizing marine systems and recently to support the Marine Structures Testing Lab.

Dreams 1
Dreams 2

   • Automatic inspection by means of climbing and walking units
   • Load sensing systems for marine drives
   • Testing on naval and marine devices in primary and secondary fluidic drives
   • Rudder actuations
   • Autonomous units for marine cleaning
   • Monitoring, diagnostics and active control of fluid systems with virtual instrumentation
   • Modeling and testing of specific components and sub-systems
   • Actuation based on innovative devices (fluidic muscles)
   • Active control of synchronization in arrays of hydraulic actuators
   • Automation with hybrid fluid devices

Contact person: Prof. Cesare Mario Rizzo

Phone:  +39 010 33 52272

E-mail: cesare.rizzo@unige.it

Address: Viale Cambiaso 4, 16145 Genova

Last update 1 November 2023