ELECTRICAL UNIT: Energy, Automation, Transport

In the field of Electrical Engineering subjects covered by DITEN, through a continuous improvement approach, researchers with Polo Elettrico, work to facilitate the use of and knowledge about technology. Their main objective is to bridge the digital divide between those who have the skills and intellectual abilities and economic and environmental resources to use and benefit from new technology and those who have no access to such technologies and no skills to make use of them. Clearly enough, in order to achieve these goals, a wide range of different research themes must be covered, working interactively with the colleagues of the other DITEN’s Units, and promoting a practical cross-disciplinary team approach.

Corsi di Laurea (Bachelor’s Degree) and Laurea Specialistica (Master’s Degree) programmes and a PhD programme in Electrical Engineering, several other electrical engineering courses offered to other university programmes, several educational labs and its own, modern and well equipped ELECTA Research Laboratory, are the pillars of the Electrical Unit, which is constantly focused on stimulating and taking up cultural innovation at all levels, through continuous interactions with colleagues from other Department’s Units (Poli) and, above all, with the other Departments of the Polytechnic School.

The mission of the Electrical Unit, shared with the other DITEN’s Units, is thus to develop and transfer knowledge, through research, education, and consulting activities, in some key sectors of our modern society, and, more specifically, in the Energy, Automation and Transport industries. 
However, innovation and development of these industries can be pursued only by applying sustainable development principles. Therefore, the Environment is a fourth overarching sector in which all researchers of the Electrical Unit and of DITEN as a whole are fully involved.

The research activities of the Unit are organized in Operational Units, which are groupings of one or more people for carrying out research activities. Within the department, organized modules of resources in terms of space and equipment called laboratories are identified, which can be the place of activity of the various operating units.

The Operating Units of the Electrical Unit are:

Last update 6 November 2023